Sober Shoutouts

Featured Book of the Month:

Congratulations to Angelique Graves for being our “Sober Shoutout Author” for the month of March! Her book, Goodnight, Heartache: Winning After Losing Everything, is an inspirational account of Graves’ own childhood trauma and the turbulent trials she was tested on through life growing up on the streets. Our staff highly recommends this novel, as some might relate to its broader themes of struggle and isolation, among other key concepts.

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Featured Podcast of the Month:

For our first “Sober Shoutout” podcast, we wanted to start off with the basics, but in an insightful, “ear-engaging” way! This is why our staff has picked How to Navigate the First 90-Days of Sobriety produced by That Sober Guy Podcast. The journey through recovery is never easy, and the first 3 months can be especially challenging for many! Have a listen to this episode by following the link below!