Live Free Panels

The Live Free Panel fulfills the mission of Live Free in multiple ways. First, its goal is to educate attendees about the nature of addiction and recovery via some of the experts: individuals who have and are experiencing it. By offering personal disclosures from students, this social health issue becomes more relatable and palatable on human and community levels. The opportunity for interaction following the panel’s presentation allows a chance to break down barriers of difference and lack of knowledge between those who are recovering and those that are not. This furthers community-integration and unity. Another key benefit of this program is that by designating space for open and honest communication of panelists’ life experiences around an issue that is often silenced or avoided, we are actively reducing stigma and helping to shift the cultural understanding of addiction and recovery. Live Free Panels allow the panelists themselves to practice acceptance of their own stories, and be of service in their community. As always, with all Live Free activities, the sharing of life stories creates an opportunity for those in the audience who are currently struggling to identify their problem, understand that they are not alone, and give them hope of moving toward a solution at their own pace.