Yoga at Inner Fire

Our most recent yoga event at Inner Fire (Friday, Feb. 1) was such a blast. We want to send a special thanks to Alexa Peseri for leading the class, and Hannah for helping us curate the event. Not only has integrating yoga into our regular events brought us a ton of fun, it’s allowed for us to reach more members of our community.

We want to thank all of the attendees who joined us as well. We know that this week, with the weather being so wild, it was hard for any of us to get out of the house. So, to everyone who made the commitment of venturing out to do another yoga event with us– we highly appreciate it!

We plan on continuing the trend of hosting these yoga events either at Inner Fire or Dragonfly’s downtown locations.

Wellness Week

January 28th-February 1st we will be hosting a “Wellness Week” to kick off the semester. The week will begin with our weekly meetings held in our S.A.C. office (room 3103). These include “Mediation Mondays” (6-7:30pm), Trivia w/ FREE ice cream on Tuesday (6pm-7pm), followed by Rainbow Recovery on Wednesday (6pm-7pm), and All Recovery on Thursday (6pm-7pm).

We then will finish the week with FREE Yoga at Inner Fire’s downtown location (777 University Ave) from 3pm-4pm.

Please visit our Facebook page (@livefreeuw) for more information. Message with any and all inquiries.

FREE Yoga (cont.)

After popular demand, we will be hosting another FREE yoga event for all UW-Madison students on Friday, February 1st. So come and join us for a fun-filled, wellness-focused yoga class to kick off the semester.

A special shoutout to Inner Fire Yoga for helping us curate this event. There will be free yoga mats provided, however, there is a limited supply so we encourage each of our attendees to bring their own. The class will be tailored towards every level of yoga expertise–whether you’re a total pro or this is your very first class! See you all there!

Meditation Mondays

A place and time to commit yourself to your meditation practice. Zero meditation experience required! Each week starting Monday, January 28th, 2018, we will be hosting “Mediation Mondays”. This will take place in our S.A.C. office (room 3103) from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

The first 20-30 minutes is used for short introductions and conversation. The following hour (or so) is designated to a guided meditation.

Come and meditate with your peers, your friends, and most importantly– yourself. Free and open for all UW Madison students!

Yoga Classes

After having such a great turn out for our first yoga class held the beautiful Dragonfly downtown studio, we want to thank all of our awesome attendees for joining us to try something new! We have done yoga classes in the past at various venues, but hosting a class at a legitimate studio was extremely helpful and enjoyable. Yoga is such a fantastic habit in regards to wellness and has been researched to have extraordinary benefits during journey’s of recovery from various addictions, so we especially want to mention our appreciation for everyone taking some time to focus on themselves and trying a healthy activity with us.

As a board, we are working diligently to continue scheduling these yoga events around town and aim to have the majority of them take place at Dragonfly’s convenient downtown location. That being said, we will keep you all posted on when they will take place, where each of them will be located, and how to get in touch with us about any inquiries! Be sure to continue checking out our social media pages (@livefreeuw) and our website for updates.

If you’re looking for more information about the significant benefits of practicing yoga during recovery, or for just general information about yoga, check out this link:


Live Free Substance-Free Tailgates

The second ever Live Free tailgate was a huge success, thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate–despite the crazy weather! Subsequent to our first tailgate this season, we thank you for continuing to show our Student Organization support and admiration.

Sending a huge thank you to Pres House for always supporting us, and another huge thank you to everybody who came to enjoy the Badger game day with us! 🏈👐

For some more information on this event, please click on the link below.


Mac Miller’s Passing

The heartbreaking news of Mac Miller’s passing on September 7, 2018 has us all shocked. Thoughts go out to Mac Miller’s family and fans. RIP to an artist, person, and influence that added such a strong sense of individuality to a generation’s soundtrack.

According to research, over 200 overdose deaths occur DAILY without ANY news coverage. Perhaps the only aspect of good within such unfortunate news is to remind us all to slow down, ask each other how we are REALLY doing, and be there for one another.

Addiction is proven to be a disease. And just like any other disease, it doesn’t discriminate. No matter how “perfect” someone’s life may seem, we owe it to each other never to make assumptions.

It is our responsibility as individuals to eliminate addiction shaming and stigmatizing in order to help end this far too rapidly growing list of substance related “RIP’s”.

Please, if you or anyone you know is struggling with substance abuse, maintaining sobriety, or simply finding a confidential, substance free atmosphere on campus to rely on, contact us for any inquiries. We are here to listen, provide beneficial resources, and support everyone’s journey. No judgements or questions asked.

Carrie Fisher Passes Away

Carrie Fisher will always be remembered for her legacy as a brilliant actress, producer, and writer. Beyond that, she will always be an inspiration and a role model for her bold advocacy for mental health and recovery. She challenged the stigma of mental illness and substance misuse by openly talking about her struggle with bipolar, cocaine and prescription medication use in her memoirs, Wishful Drinking (2008) and Shockaholic (2011). Carrie Fisher, you will be missed.