How to deal with the peer pressure when you’re new to college

This article highlights the many myths that should be debunked, especially for students who are new to college. In addition, there’s a ton of helpful information on an array of topics regarding the various types of peer pressure and ways to understand, identify, and avoid it. As much as knowing the necessary steps to avoid peer pressure is important, so is being informed about the ways in which we ought to help those around us who are perhaps being peer pressured, but may not know they are, or how to deal with it.

For all of the new students here at UW Madison, preparing for a new environment and social life can be a lot of pressure on its own. We are here to support our fellow peers and make a beneficial impact on our campus by offering various events and meetings tailored to everybody! If you have any questions or inquiries about our org, feel free to reach out to us any time on any of our social media accounts (@livefreeuw).

Link to article:¬†How to deal with peer pressures when you’re new to college

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