Information on Drunkorexia

“In a study of 2,400 college students, 46% of students reported intentionally restricting their eating before drinking alcohol.”


Drunkorexia is a pattern in which individuals engage in the restriction of food intake prior to a period of binge drinking. Drunkorexia has been prevalent on college campuses for many years, but recent studies, combined with an increase in awareness of eating disorders, has helped bring this trend to light.

Drunkorexia is often criticized by the professional community for not being a “real” disorder. However, drunkorexia highlights a very alarming and dangerous trend that is often a warning sign of very real and concerning disorders: eating disorders and substance use disorders. The behaviors involved in drunkorexia are independently dangerous and can have severe consequences.”

Want to talk about Drunkorexia, any concerns about substance abuse and/or addictive behaviors?

Come to our All Recovery meeting every Thursday starting at 6pm in Suite 3103, Student Activity Center, 333 East Campus Mall or feel free to contact our staff at!

Drunkorexia on Campus


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