Badger Step UP!

Today a board member of ours attended the required seminar for student organizations, called Badger Step UP! Each year this seminar is mandatory for at least one of our board members to attend and each year new information is gained. This seminar tailors toward educating each and every student organization on how to prevent irresponsible substance related instances from taking place at campus-related events. In addition to this, teaching the responsible actions that are appropriate to use if such instances do occur are also integrated into the lecture as well. A few of the most valuable things I learned about in these seminars the past couple years are of the following:

The Backpack Trick: If for some reason you are in a setting where someone has consumed a troublesome amount of alcohol, put a backpack on their backs before they fall asleep. Curious as to why? In very unfortunate cases of consuming too much alcohol, the risk of bodily rejection while being asleep is possible. So, by placing a backpack filled with books on someone’s back prior to them getting some well-needed rest, it prevents them from rolling on their backs and avoiding the danger of suffocating from any bodily rejections from prior alcohol consumption.

The Penny Trick: Finding that you are in need of setting limits when it comes to alcohol consumption? Feeling as if you are in need of some help when it comes to knowing what those limits are to begin with? Know someone who could benefit from either of these options? Try the penny trick or suggest it. This helpful tactic is very simple. Place a small amount of pennies and with each drink you have, place a penny from one pocket to the next. This way, instead of counting your drinks, you will know when your time is up to stop drinking and will have a clear indicator that you’ve had enough.

Divert and/or Distract: Feeling uncomfortable with someone else’s choices or behavior around you? Not sure how to escape the discomfort without confrontation? Try diverting or distracting. This is particularly very useful for bystander circumstances. If you see someone who has had too much to drink, instead of confronting them about it while they are under the influence, try asking if they’d like to go get some food in order to help them avoid regretful behavior. See someone in a situation of potential danger or discomfort that ought to be intervened with? Simply ask them to join you in a different setting or offer to get them an uber home– making it easier for them to excuse themselves from unpleasant interactions.

Curious about other prevention and/or responsible actions to know about if you are ever in substance related environments? Feel free to contact us!



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