Mac Miller’s Passing

The heartbreaking news of Mac Miller’s passing on September 7, 2018 has us all shocked. Thoughts go out to Mac Miller’s family and fans. RIP to an artist, person, and influence that added such a strong sense of individuality to a generation’s soundtrack.

According to research, over 200 overdose deaths occur DAILY without ANY news coverage. Perhaps the only aspect of good within such unfortunate news is to remind us all to slow down, ask each other how we are REALLY doing, and be there for one another.

Addiction is proven to be a disease. And just like any other disease, it doesn’t discriminate. No matter how “perfect” someone’s life may seem, we owe it to each other never to make assumptions.

It is our responsibility as individuals to eliminate addiction shaming and stigmatizing in order to help end this far too rapidly growing list of substance related “RIP’s”.

Please, if you or anyone you know is struggling with substance abuse, maintaining sobriety, or simply finding a confidential, substance free atmosphere on campus to rely on, contact us for any inquiries. We are here to listen, provide beneficial resources, and support everyone’s journey. No judgements or questions asked.

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