“Recovery is not Linear”

Live Free is a UW-Madison student organization that promotes well-being and community integration for students in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders and other addictive behaviors. We are also committed to providing a safe space for those who simply wish to explore how substances impact their lives.

Our organization is passionate about sharing resources, encouraging self-discovery, and enriching the social and academic lives of our members. By making recovery visible on campus and creating opportunities for peer connection and support, Live Free aims to establish a community network that serves students in or seeking recovery, yet is welcome to all who have been affected by their own or another’s use. In so doing, we are also able to strengthen the campus community as a whole by providing an alternative to excessive or harmful use/behavior, and by demonstrating that recovery is realistic and accessible for those who want it. We serve all students by providing an opportunity to understand and examine an enormous public health and social issue both in general terms, via current research on the subject, and on an intimate, individual level by speaking out about our personal stories. As an organization, we have no opinion whatsoever about recreational substance use — we are simply here for those students who find that they are unable to moderate their use.

Live Free is here to support you on your journey, whatever that looks like for you.